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  • Welcome to the Nicholas Kniel Online Boutique.

    Ribbons: Our vast selection includes Satin ribbon, Check ribbon, Grosgrain ribbon, Hand - Dyed Silk ribbon, Jacquard ribbon, Morie ribbon, Narrow ribbon, Novelty ribbon, Ombre ribbon, French ribbon, Organdy ribbon, Picot Edge ribbon, Plaid ribbon, Polka Dot ribbon, Printed Ribbon, Rocco, Stripe ribbon, Silk ribbon, Taffeta ribbon, Trims, Velvet ribbon, Vintage ribbon, ribbon for weddings, Jewelry, Doll makers, Hats and much more.

    Ribbon Flower Classes: Learn how to make a ribbon Flower in one of our classes: Register for Ribbon Flower Classes

    Books: RIBBON: Art of Adornment book ( Coffee Table Book), The Ribbon Flowers At Nicholas Kniel Book ( Instruction book).
    Buttons: Rhinestone buttons, Glass Buttons, Mother of pearl Buttons, Vintage Buttons.
    Embellishments: Brooches, Crystal Appliqués, German Paper Dresdens.
    Feathers: Ostrich feathers, Peacock feathers, Turkey feathers, Feather pads, Wedding feathers, Feather flowers.
    Flowers: Ribbon flowers, Silk Flowers, Millinery flowers and fruits, velvet leaves, birds and butterflies.
    Masks: Feather masks, Wedding masks, Crystal masks, Ball masks, Masquerade masks, Custom made masks.
    Millinery - Hats: bridal headpieces, feather fascinators, custom bird cage veils, Veiling, cocktail hats, Derby hats, portrait hats, Custom made hats.

    Custom made items: shoe clips, French bulletin boards, and beaded sashes and other luxury items.

    We ship domestic and international parcels via U.S. Postal Service-Priority Status only. Please see our policies for any question you may have about ordering.

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